About Us


There’s no better feeling then getting out on the golf course with our buddies, reaching for a cold one, and hittin’ bombs from the tee. The course is our sanctuary, our playground where we can get out and have a good time together.

Whether you’re hitting birdies all day long or a just a beginner who’s playing for bragging rights, you may as well look good while you do it

While shopping for some game swag, we always came across the same old boring golf apparel. All the major brands are making things so blah. We knew we had to change something to make things more exciting.

That's where NINE Rounds was born! Founders Mike and Kevin wanted to add some flava to the game. Where you can bring your street wear to the course. At NINE Rounds, we design golf apparel that’s sure to stand out from the crowd without compromising on performance.

….because hey “You Don’t Have to Hit a Hole-in-One to Look This Good”.

NINE Rounds Golf Team